ACI – History meets Future: from C4 1928 to “ë-C4” 2020



Hello ACI Delegates,

this time we would like to draw your attention to the latest product information from Automobiles Citroën – this week they have published a new video about the upcoming new model, the “new C4 / ë-C4”:

As you can see, the video shows vehicles such as the 1928 C4, Ami6, GS, BX, Xsara, 2004 C4, Cactus – and now the new model.

This is where it pays off that Arnaud Belloni, Global Head of Marketing at Citroën and in this function since 2015, recognized the value of the brand’s history very early on, and as early as 2016 he started with CITROËN ORIGINS ( to have these unique (now 83!) 3D models digitized, plus additional content to detail each vehicle.

As far as we know, there is no other brand in the world that has prepared and openly made available almost its entire automotive heritage in this stunning 3D precision and also informational depth.

Together with the current Citroën logo, digital campaigns like the one shown in the video can be created relatively quickly – and it feels much fresher than fading in historic advertising films and press photos from past decades.

In this respect, the gap between current/new models and history can be reduced: it feels good when our precious historic vehicles become “attractive” again in the digital world…

And from such examples, new interest into old vehicles and thus potential interest into Citroën clubs can arise!

In case you know about other “digital proofpoints” we’d be happy to hear from you.

All the best – stay healthy and safe!

///Stephan Joest, ACI.


David A Gerrie

Secretary Greater Wellington Citroën Car Club (GWCCC) Life Member CCCNZ Life Member GWCCC