Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI)

Bringing together the Citroën clubs of the world

Introduction. In June 2016,the CCCNZ agreed to appoint delegates to the Amical Citroën International (ACI) and nominated Sandor Schubert of Waikato and David Gerrie from Wellington for this role.

ACI is a Foundation of Citroën clubs worldwide – and thus by definition in their statutes, all Citroën and Citroën related clubs and organisations around the world are automatically Members of the ACI, provided they are non-commercial and non-profit-oriented. Currently ACI represents some 55,000 members from over 1,000 clubs. Recently, at the international meeting of Delegates, the ACI agreed to include DS and DS Clubs within its remit.

ACI is an independent and solely volunteer organisation. Automobiles Citroën provides financial supports for ACI activities. Additionally, ACI receive donations from clubs or individuals. The ACI does NOT specify membership fees for the clubs. However, donations are welcome.

You can read more about the ACI at their website here

Brief History. (from the article on the ACI website written by Ulrich Knaack, ACI Germany delegate)

In 1989, the 8th ICCCR in Flevohof (the second in the Netherlands) ended with a good financial balance, so Herman Sluiter (responsible at the Traction Avant Club Nederland at that time) and the Jean-Francois Ruchaud (President of Amicale Citroën in France) had the idea in 1990 to establish an international bank account and create the Amicale Citroën Internationale, to supervise the ICCCRs.

In the 90s, Citroën were in the period they now call the “dark-age” – no history, no clubs, no old models was the official politics. Times changed with the arrival of the new PSA-head Folz and especially by the support of the chief of Peugeots tradition department, Robert Peugeot.

Between 2000 and 2002 Citroën created a Conservatoire and a department for tradition themselves. However, Citroën had very little knowledge as to how the clubs had kept their history worldwide alive for more than 20 years and thus turned to the ACI for assistance in autumn 2002. It was a long process and there were many meetings until February 2004 when the new and formally organized ACI was established, recognized today by Citroën as the official and only platform to communicate with clubs. Automobiles Citroën wish only to speak to one partner and we as club representatives felt it quite important to also speak with one voice.

The above information is extracted from the ACI Website

In 2001, Pierre Peugeot inaugurated the Citroën Conservatory. Find out more about the Conservatoire in Paris

David Gerrie and Sandor Schubert

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Dear ACI Delegates, Due to many questions, we confirm that ICCCR 2022 will take place from 03-07.08.2022. Our Team will