Citroën in Finland – 100 year celebrations – via ACI

This has been a year of Citroën 100-year celebration all over the world. In Finland the main event was in March, when Citroën invited VIP-persons to the old student house in Helsinki to celebrate 100-year old Citroën brand.

Mr. Arnaud Belloni (Senior Vice President Global Marketing Communications) visited in that time in Finland and was honored guest in the event. Addition to Mr. Belloni´s inspiring speech, me and my good friend Mikko Salonen presented Citroën history in Finland based on our book, Citroën Suomessa (Citroën in Finland). It took two years to wrote this book. Addition to writing, we made the whole layout by ourselves.

For pictures and more:

Another great event was held in July. Inspired by Fête de la Fédération, classic French cars gathered to Helsinki railway-station square. Citroën car club held the summer meeting at the same time in Tuusula and the cars were driven to the square in parade.


Maybe some of you participated Peking – France classic car race? For the first time this race visitted also in Finland:


Celebration year continues with smaller events arranged by Finnish Citroën dealers around the country.


I wish you all great rest of the year.

Antti Pitkänen


ACI Delegate

Automobile Citroën Ry


David A Gerrie

Secretary Greater Wellington Citroën Car Club (GWCCC) Life Member CCCNZ Life Member GWCCC