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ACI News In Memoriam – Robert Opron (1932-2021)

In Memoriam – Robert Opron (1932-2021)

By St. Joest on 03-Apr-2021

(en francais au-dessous)

Sadly, one of the world’s great creative minds has left our planet far too soon – we mourn the passing of Robert Opron on March 29, 2021.

To many, Robert Opron is known for his automotive creations that marked the great era of Citroën in the 1960s and 1970s: the restylings of the 2CV and the DS after 1964, the Dyane, the Ami 8, the Wankel-M35, the CX, GS, and last but not least the outstanding SM coupé have set standards in all segments, through which Automobiles Citroën not only achieved great sales success at the “volume segment”: these vehicles also became milestones in the era now named the “Space Age”.

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