To place a “For Sale” or “Wanted” advertisement, please send us an email to with the following details and the administration team will place the ad for you:

  • Ad type: For Sale or Wanted
  • Ad title
  • Full details of the items (or information, if seeking advice, etc)
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • the audence: public, CCCNZ members only or specific branch club(s) only
  • Links to any other sites associated with the ad (eg. TradeMe post)
  • The dates you want the advert to commence and expire
  • Please also attach any photos

All ads to be related to the club (eg. vehicles, parts, memorabilia, advice, etc.)

When the ad is no longer required, it would be great to let us know, so we can remove it.  We plan to provide you with the ability to create your own adverts including upload photos.

As always, if you need assistance, send us an email to or give David a ring on 027 494 1909 or Chris on 021 506 199.