National Rally – Mainland Rendezvous 10th -12th March 2023 REGISTRATIONS NOW CLOSED

Approved registration(s)

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Nick Williams
  • Nick Williams
  • Vicki Williams
Mark Halkyard
  • Mark Halkyard
Eddy Bitter
  • Eddy Bitter
  • Jill Bitter
Tom Logan
  • Tom Logan
Dave Crompton
  • Dave Crompton
  • Jocelyn Crompton
Ken Thomas
  • Ken Thomas
  • Jude Thomas
Dick Megchelse
  • Dick Megchelse
  • Liz Megchelse
Julian Maze
  • Julian Maze
  • Joanna Maze
$410.00Obviously, a couple, attending in the same car. Whether Joanna does any driving is up to her at the time.
Kevin Beeby
  • Kevin Beeby
  • Bridgitte Beeby
  • Cameron Tobeck
Chris Ennor
  • Chris Ennor
  • Esther Ennor
Stewart Lister
  • Stewart Lister
  • Rochelle Dixon
$410.00Manual Entry
Ian McEwan
  • Ian McEwan
  • Joan McEwan
Graham Tulett
  • Margaret Tulett
  • Graham Tulett
Cheryl Marshall
  • Cheryl Marshall
  • Kerran Graeve
Laurie Newhook
  • Laurie Newhook
  • Judy Newhook
$410.00Manual Entry
Conrad Petersen
  • Conrad Petersen
  • Lyn Petersen
Tony Baggaley
  • Tony Baggaley
  • Yvonne Stevens
Jack Mains
  • Jack Mains
  • Susan Mains
Alan Upston
Alan Poole
  • Alan Poole
  • Max Poole
$410.00Manual Entry
Rob Douglas
  • Rob Douglas
  • Jane Douglas
$410.00We will be towing our caravan to use for booked caravan sites. We are also booked to do the post-rally tour.
Adrian Read
  • Adrian Read
  • Barbara Read
Bill Hill
  • Bill Hill
Raewyn Robinson
  • Peter Robinson
  • Raewyn Robinson
Graeme Washer
  • Graeme Washer
  • Ruth Washer
$410.00Manual Entry
Ian Moore
  • Ian Moore
  • Sharon Moore
$410.00Manual entry
Brian Read
  • Brian Read
  • Margaret Read
Ross Malcolm
  • ross malcolm
  • barb wall
Stuart Craig
  • Stuart Craig
$205.00Manual Entry
Harry Hines
  • Harry Hines
Ian Bywater
  • Ian Bywater
  • Rosemary Bywater
Michael Pidgeon
  • Michael Pidgeon
  • Louise Russell
Rod Barker
  • Rod Barker
  • Diana Barker
$410.00Manual Entry
Michael Williams
  • Michael Williams
  • Mimi van Houten
Paul Absolum
  • Paul Absolum
  • Melean Absolum
Sharon Armit
  • Gaven Armit
  • Sharon Armit
Edward McDonald
  • Edward McDonald
  • Graham Pilgrim
$410.00As Graham Pilgrim is a passenger in my car, and is now a member of the Auckland Club, would you please note Auckland CCC on his name tag, and not GWCCC.
Janice Woolsey
  • Janice Woolsey
Ross Macfarlane
  • Ross Macfarlane
  • Rachel Macfarlane
Margaret Buchanan
  • Noel Gourdie
  • Margaret Buchanan
Allan Campbell
  • Allan Campbell
  • Raewyn Campbell
Jeff Eales
  • Jeff Eales
  • Judy Pahl_Eales
$410.00Manual Entry
Roy Clement
  • Roy Clement
  • Merle Clement
Ian Mullins
  • Ian Mullins
  • Stephen Mullins
Terence Dobson
  • Terence Dobson
  • Elaine Dobson
Anne Robson TH127 Charles Upham Village
  • Mel Robson
  • Anne Robson
David Diggs
  • David Diggs
$205.00Manual Entry
Daniel Garofalo
  • Daniel Garofalo
Peter Akeroyd
  • Peter Akeroyd
$205.00Manual Entry. Payment Confirmed
Lawrence Nicholson
  • Lawrence Nicholson
Grant Morris
  • Grant Morris
  • Dianne Trewavas
Karl Stohr
  • Karl Stohr
  • Glenn Harrington
$410.00Manual Entry
Steve Hart
  • Steve Hart
  • Jenny Hart
David Gerrie
  • David Gerrie
  • Pam Gerrie
Charlie Wallace
  • Charlie Wallace
  • Faeona Wallace
$410.00Manual Entry - No email address
Ken Rolfe
  • Christy Rolfe
  • Ken Rolfe
$410.00Manual Entry
Matt Damm
  • Matt Damm
Tony Burrell
  • Anne BURRELL
Bruce Williams
  • Bruce Williams
  • Maureen Dale
Walter Dean
  • Walter Dean
  • Michael Dean
Royden Walker
  • Royden Walker
  • Janet Walker
Christof Colpi
  • Christof Colpi
Andrew Roxburgh
  • Andrew Roxburgh
  • Eryn Roxburgh
Chris Butler
  • Chris Butler
Richard Howarth
  • Richard Howarth
  • Helen Howarth
$410.00Bringing the Big 6 is a 'wishlist' item! If not possible, it will be a 1980 2CV6 Club, Regn No KH6229, PoO category 'A Series'.
Geoff Tyler
  • Geoff Tyler
  • Christine Tyler
David Gellert
  • Dave Gellert
  • Viv Gellert
$410.00Dave & Viv Gellert
Ian Boag
  • Ian Boag
  • Alicia Boag
Paul Somerville
  • Paul Someville
  • Valerie Somerville
$410.00Manual Entry
Gary Ruffles
  • Gary Ruffles
  • Peter Birks
$410.00Re entered as original entry is missing. Had been rejected
Moira Lindsay
  • Moira Lindsay
  • Valerie Scherp
Roger Mckenzie
  • Roger McKenzie
  • Jill McKenzie
$410.00Providing own food owing to allergy
Dave McKenzie
  • Dave McKenzie
David Free
  • David Free
  • Irene Free
Rob Thomson
  • Rob Thomson
  • Andrea Thomson
Fraser Goldsmith
  • Fraser Goldsmith
$205.00Not sure which one I will get going but it will be one or the other.
Phil Hughes
  • Phil Hughes
  • Maree Hughes
$410.00Attending Saturday only agreed cost $100 P.P.
Shaun Maloney
  • Shaun Maloney
  • Claire Lancaster
Graeme Topp
  • Graeme Topp
$205.00Manual Entry
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Pending registration(s)

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Don McKirdy
  • Don McKirdy
  • Adele McKirdy
Gary Wearne
  • Gary Wearne
  • Jill Wearne
$410.00$0.00$410.00Manual Entry
Jeffrey Lewis
  • Jeffrey Lewis
  • Antoinette Lewis
$410.00$0.00$410.00Manual Entry
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Also attending are

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NameBranchVehicle 1PoO Category 1Vehicle 2PoO Category 2
Nick WilliamsCanterbury1981 GSAGS/GSA C3 AircrossC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Vicki WilliamsCanterbury
Mark HalkyardCanterbury1990 Citroen BXBX
Eddy BitterCanterbury1952 Light 15 TractionPost War Traction Small Boot
Jill BitterCanterbury2013 DS 4DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Tom LoganCanterbury1937 Traction TwelvePre War Traction
Dave CromptonTaranaki1950 15-SixPost War Traction Small Boot
Jocelyn CromptonTaranaki
Ken ThomasWaikato1973 DS23 PallasD Series Twin Headlights
Jude ThomasWaikato
Dick MegchelseWaikato1973 DS23 SafariD Series Twin Headlights
Liz MegchelseWaikato
Julian MazeCanterbury1951 Traction/Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Joanna MazeCanterbury
Kevin BeebyAuckland1980 GSAGS/GSA
Bridgitte BeebyAuckland
Cameron TobeckAuckland
Chris EnnorWaikato2011 DS3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Esther EnnorWaikato
Stewart ListerWaikato2013 C3 PIcassoC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Rochelle DixonWaikato
Ian McEwanCanterbury1973 D super 5D Series Twin Headlights
Joan McEwanCanterbury
Margaret TulettCanterbury1971 2CV4A series (2CV etc)
Graham TulettCanterbury1935 7c RoadsterPre War Traction
Cheryl MarshallCanterbury1987 2CVA series (2CV etc)
Kerran GraeveCanterbury
Laurie Newhook Auckland1967 DS21 Chapron D Series Twin Headlights
Judy NewhookAuckland1972 SMSM
Conrad PetersenWellington1971 D specialD Series Twin Headlights
Lyn PetersenWellington
Tony BaggaleyWaikato2004 C3 PlurielC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Yvonne StevensWaikato
Jack MainsHawkes Bay2003 Xsara VTSZX/Xsara
Susan MainsHawkes Bay
ALAN UPSTONWellington2012 CITROEN C4C4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
KAY UPSTONWellington
Alan PooleAuckland2008 C6C6
Max PooleAuckland
Rob DouglasTaranaki1995 Xantia 2.0iXantia
Jane DouglasTaranaki
Adrian ReadCanterbury1951 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Barbara ReadCanterbury
Bill HillAuckland2008 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Peter RobinsonTaranaki2021 C5 SUV aircross shineC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Raewyn RobinsonTaranaki
Graeme WasherTaranaki2020 C4 CactusC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Ruth WasherTaranaki
Ian MooreCanterbury1955 2CVA series (2CV etc) 2CV PickupA series (2CV etc)
Sharon MooreCanterbury1974 DSD Series Twin Headlights
Brian ReadWellington1954 Big 15Post War Traction Large Boot
Margaret ReadWellington
ross malcolmWaikato2010 C5 tourerC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
barb wallWaikato
Stuart CraigTaranaki1973 DS SafariD Series Twin Headlights
Harry HinesCanterbury1954 L15Post War Traction Large Boot
Ian BywaterCanterbury2008 C6 2.2 HDiC6 C4 CactusC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Rosemary BywaterCanterbury
Michael PidgeonCanterbury1947 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Louise RussellCanterbury
Rod BarkerWaikato2015 C3C3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Diana BarkerWaikato
Michael WilliamsCanterbury1972 D SuperD Series Twin Headlights
Mimi van HoutenCanterbury2008 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Paul AbsolumAuckland1990 CX 25 GTICX
Melean AbsolumAuckland
Gaven ArmitWaikato2013 DS3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Sharon ArmitWaikato
Edward McDonaldWellington2009 Citroën C5 SaloonC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Graham PilgrimAuckland
Janice WoolseyAuckland2021 C3 ShineC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Ross MacfarlaneWellington2022 C5 AircrossC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Rachel MacfarlaneWellington
Noel GourdieCanterbury1953 TractionPost War Traction Large Boot
Margaret BuchananCanterbury
Allan CampbellCanterbury
Raewyn CampbellCanterbury
Jeff EalesCanterbury2007 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Judy Pahl_EalesCanterbury
Roy ClementTaranaki2007 C6C6
Merle ClementTaranaki
Ian MullinsCanterbury1986 CX 2200CX
Stephen MullinsCanterbury
Terence DobsonCanterbury2012 DS 3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Elaine DobsonCanterbury
Mel RobsonCanterbury2010 C4C4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Anne RobsonCanterbury
David DiggsCanterbury1937 light 12Pre War Traction
Daniel GarofaloWaikato2011 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Peter AkeroydAuckland2013 C5 Tourer 3.0 HDIC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Lawrence NicholsonAuckland
Grant MorrisWellington1954 Light 15Post War Traction Large Boot
Dianne TrewavasWellington
Karl StohrCanterbury1989 BX 16VBX
Glenn HarringtonCanterbury
Steve HartCanterbury1986 2CVA series (2CV etc)
Jenny HartCanterbury
David GerrieWellington2018 C3 AircrossC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Pam GerrieWellington
Charlie WallaceAuckland2017 C4 CactusC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Faeona WallaceAuckland
Christy RolfeCanterbury2018 C3 AircrossC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Ken RolfeCanterbury1996 2CV CharlstonA series (2CV etc)
Matt DammCanterbury1984 2cv BeachcomberA series (2CV etc)
Anne BURRELLTaranaki
Bruce WilliamsCanterbury2014 DS3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Maureen DaleCanterbury
Walter DeanAuckland2009 Berlingo Multispace 2009Berlingo
Michael DeanAuckland
Royden WalkerWellington1954 traction Post War Traction Large Boot
Janet WalkerWellington
Christof ColpiAuckland1991 BX Turbo diesel BX
Andrew RoxburghCanterbury1937 Traction TwelvePre War Traction
Eryn RoxburghCanterbury
Chris ButlerWellington1975 2CV AK400 VanA series (2CV etc)
Richard HowarthCanterbury1951 Big 6Post War Traction Small Boot
Helen HowarthCanterbury2018 C4 AircrossC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Geoff TylerAuckland1985 2cv A series (2CV etc)
Christine TylerAuckland
Dave GellertWaikato2020 C5 AircrossC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Viv GellertWaikato
Ian BoagWellington1951 TractionPost War Traction Small Boot
Alicia BoagWellington
Paul SomevilleCanterbury1954 B15Post War Traction Large Boot
Valerie SomervilleCanterbury
Gary RufflesCanterbury1988 2CVA series (2CV etc)
Peter BirksCanterbury
Moira LindsayHawkes Bay1973 Citroen 2CV SpecialA series (2CV etc)
Valerie ScherpHawkes Bay
Roger McKenzieCanterbury2022 Citroen c4C4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Jill McKenzieCanterbury
Dave McKenzieCanterbury2013 2013 Citroen C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
David FreeCanterbury1952 TractionPost War Traction Small Boot
Irene FreeCanterbury2017 C3 FeelC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Rob ThomsonCanterbury1975 DyaneA series (2CV etc) C3 PlurielC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Andrea ThomsonCanterbury
Fraser GoldsmithCanterbury1994 XM 2.0 petrol turbo autoXM ID19 roadster D Series single Headlight
Phil Hughes Canterbury2014 DS3 DSport CabrioletDS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Maree Hughes Canterbury
Shaun MaloneyCanterbury1963 ID19D Series single Headlight
Claire LancasterCanterbury
Graeme ToppCanterbury1948 L15Post War Traction Small Boot
No of RegistrantsNo of AttendeesTotal No Cars