Mountain View Rally 2020 (National Rally) Hawera South Taranaki

Approved registration(s)

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Dave Crompton
  • Dave Crompton
  • Jocelyn Crompton
$368.00Added Dave & Jocelyn's Surname, changed Dave mobile number to Jocelyn
Ross Macfarlane
  • Ross Macfarlane
  • Rachel Macfarlane
Daniel Garofalo
  • Daniel Garofalo
  • Clayton Bond
Robert Newcombe
  • Bob Newcombe
  • Kaye Newcombe
  • Brylee Newcombe
Richard Howarth
  • Richard Howarth
  • Helen Howarth
$368.00We hope to come in the Big 6 which is still a 'work in progress'! If not, then we will be there in our 1952 Light 15 (regn no. AV9). PoO category will be the same as both cars are post-war small-boots.
Roy Clement
  • Roy Clement
  • Merle Clement
$368.00$184 owing
Allan Inch
  • Allan Inch
  • Lorraine Inch
Alan Upston
  • Alan Upston
  • Kay Upston
Rod Barker
  • Rod Barker
  • Diana Barker
Conrad Petersen
  • Conrad Petersen
  • Lyn Petersen
$368.00Registered by David Gerrie. Vehicle Also to be entered in PoO category Best Modified
Chris Grove
  • Chris Grove
  • Dina Cloete
Donn Sharp
  • Donn Sharp
  • Rachel Sharp
$368.00Cheque received by Dave & forwarded to April on 12/12/19
David Voss
  • David Voss
  • Judith Graykowski
Laurie Newhook
  • Laurie Newhook
  • Judy Newhook
David Craig
  • David Craig
  • Tina Morrison
  • Rachel Craig
  • Hollie Craig
Royden Walker
  • Royden Walker
  • Janet Walker
$368.00Added rego
Bill Hill
  • Bill Hill
Trevor Job
  • Trevor Job
  • Beverley Job
$368.00Deleted vehicle of "Nil" Vehilce for Beverley.
Alan Adlam
  • Alan Adlam
Terry Falkner
  • Terry Falkner
  • Dimas Glenter
Bruce Williams
  • Bruce Williams
  • Maureen Dale
$368.00Entered by David Gerrie 8/01/2020
Stewart Lister
  • Stewart Lister
  • Rochelle Dixon
$368.00Entered by David Gerrie 8/01/2020
Nic Williams
  • Nic Williams
Alan Poole
  • Alan Poole
$184.00Paid via cheque. Deposited 9/1/20
Max Poole
  • Max Poole
$184.00Paid via cheque. Deposited 9/1/20
Brian Read
  • Brian Read
  • Margaret Read
$368.00David Gerrie- Added year and deleted 2nd vehicle PoO category
Kerry Bowman
  • Kerry Bowman
Sharon Armit
  • Sharon Armit
  • Gaven Armit
Tony Burrell
  • Tony Burrell
  • Anne Burrell
Edward McDonald
  • Edward McDonald
  • Graham Pilgrim
Chris Butler
  • Chris Butler
$184.00Cancelled 14/2/20
Susan Jones
  • Sue Jones
  • Terry Brown
$368.00Paid via cheque
Dick Megchelse
  • Dick Megchelse
  • Liz Megchelse
Lawrence Nicholson
  • Lawrence Nicholson
Ken Rolfe
  • Christy Rolfe
$184.00Ken removed and change to only one attendee - Christy
Graham Tulett
  • Graham Tulett
  • Margaret Tulett
Tom Logan
  • Tom Logan
Peter Stewart
  • Peter Stewart
Rex Carkeek
  • Rex Carkeek
$184.00Re entered by David Gerrie as address was missing
Peter Cooper
  • Peter Cooper
$184.00Peter will bring either the Mehari or 2CV. Closer to the rally, confirm which and remove the other from the booking
Michael Williams
  • Michael Williams
$184.00No Car - Passenger with Phil Cotter
Steve Hart
  • Steve Hart
  • Jenny Hart
April Maindonald & Peter Duckett
  • Peter Duckett
  • April Maindonald
Ian Boag
  • Ian Boag
  • Alicia Boag
Peter Reed
  • Peter Reed
  • Marilyn Chia
David Gerrie
  • David Gerrie
  • Pam Gerrie
Grant Morris
  • Grant Morris
  • Dianne Trewavas
Neil Dykes
  • Neil Dykes
  • Brenda Dykes
Anthony Forster
  • Tony Forster
  • Angela Forster
  • Brian Forster
Graeme Washer
  • Graeme Washer
  • Ruth Washer
Robert Greenbury
  • Bob Greenbury
  • Dale Greenbury
Moira Lindsay
  • Moira Lindsay
  • Valerie Scherp
Raewyn Robinson
  • Peter Robinson
  • Raewyn Robinson
$368.00Paid via Cheque
Peter Akeroyd
  • Peter Akeroyd
  • Marie Makgill
Wayne Julian
  • Wayne Julian
  • Judy Julian
Gary Wearne
  • Gary Wearne
  • Jill Wearne
  • Neville Savage
  • Hazel Savage
Ross Malcolm
  • Ross Malcolm
  • Barb Wall
Tony Carlyle
  • Tony Carlyle
  • Anthony Jordan
$368.00Entered by David Gerrie
David Jones
  • David Jones
  • Lynda Jones
Michael Brenstrum
  • Michael Brenstrum
  • Janice Brenstrum
Ralph Moore
  • Ralph Moore
  • Janice Woolsey
Paul Absolum
  • Paul Absolum
  • Melean Absolum
Stuart Craig
  • Stuart Craig
  • Caroline Brooks
Sandor Schubert
  • Sandor Schubert
Christine Savage
  • Ray Savage
  • Christine Savage
Christof Colpi
  • Christof Colpi
Phillip Cotter
  • Phil Cotter
Kevin Beeby
  • Kevin Beeby
  • Cameron Tobeck
David Taylor
  • David Taylor
  • Bronnie Taylor
Ian Moore
  • Ian Moore
Graeme Hill
  • Graeme Hill
  • Elspeth Hill
Sharron Caseley
  • Sharron Caseley
  • Colin Caseley
Peter Golder
  • Peter Golder
$184.00No vehicle, Peter is travelling with Peter Cooper
Henry Ngapo
  • Carole Webb
  • Henry Ngapo
$184.00Year & Rego to come. Henry has a complimentary ticket. Carole is paying for her ticket
Bruce Hookham
  • Bruce Hookham
  • Patti Hookham
Alma Clague
  • Alma Clague
Rufus Scott
  • Stella Scott-Hansen
  • Rufus Scott
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Pending registration(s)

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Rufus Scott
  • Stella Scott-Hansen
  • Rufus Scott
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Also attending are

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NameBranchVehicle 1PoO Category 1Vehicle 2PoO Category 2
Dave CromptonTaranaki1970 SMSM
Jocelyn CromptonTaranaki1962 ID19D Series single Headlight
Ross MacfarlaneWellington2006 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Rachel MacfarlaneWellington
Daniel GarofaloCanterbury2011 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Clayton BondCanterbury
Bob NewcombeWaikato
Kaye NewcombeWaikato2019 C3 Aircross SUVC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Brylee NewcombeWaikato
Richard HowarthCanterbury1951 Big 6Post War Traction Small Boot
Helen HowarthCanterbury
Roy ClementTaranaki2007 C6C6
Merle ClementTaranaki
Allan InchTaranaki1967 DS21D Series single Headlight
Lorraine InchTaranaki
Alan UpstonWellington2004 XsaraZX/Xsara
Kay UpstonWellington
Rod BarkerWaikato1951 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Diana BarkerWaikato
Conrad PetersenWellington1970 D SpecialBest Restored
Lyn PetersenWellington
Chris GroveAuckland1974 D Super 5D Series Twin Headlights
Dina CloeteAuckland
Donn SharpAuckland1987 2CVA series
Rachel SharpAuckland
David VossWellington2014 C5 TourerC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Judith GraykowskiWellington
Laurie NewhookAuckland1972 SMSM C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Judy NewhookAuckland
David CraigWellington1981 GSA breakBest Restored
Tina MorrisonWellington
Rachel CraigWellington
Hollie CraigWellington
Royden WalkerWellington1954 Light FifteenPost War Traction Large Boot
Janet WalkerWellington
Bill HillAuckland2008 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Trevor JobWellington2015 DS5DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Beverley JobWellington
Alan AdlamWellington2009 C6 C6
Terry FalknerWellington1988 2CV6 DollyA series
Dimas GlenterWellington
Bruce WilliamsCanterbury2014 DS3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Maureen DaleCanterbury
Stewart ListerWaikato2009 BelingoBerlingo
Rochelle DixonWaikato
Nic WilliamsCanterbury2019 C3 AircrossC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Alan PooleAuckland2008 C6C6
Max PooleAuckland2010 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Brian ReadWellington1954 BIG 15Post War Traction Large Boot
Margaret ReadWellington
Kerry BowmanAuckland1973 GS 1220 ClubGS/GSA GS BirotorBest Restored
Sharon ArmitWaikato
Gaven ArmitWaikato2013 DS3DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Tony BurrellTaranaki1986 2CV6 CharlestonA series
Anne BurrellTaranaki
Edward McDonaldWellington2009 C5 C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Graham PilgrimWellington
Chris ButlerWellington
Sue JonesAuckland2014 DS5DS BRAND ( DS3, DS4, DS5)
Terry BrownAuckland
Dick MegchelseWaikato1954 Traction - Big15Post War Traction Large Boot C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Liz MegchelseWellington
Lawrence NicholsonAuckland1981 GSA PallasGS/GSA
Christy RolfeCanterbury2018 C3 Aircross SUVC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Graham TulettCanterbury1938 LT15 sedanPre War Traction
Margaret TulettCanterbury
Tom LoganCanterbury1937 LT12 SedanPre War Traction
Peter StewartWellington2017 C3 PlusC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Rex CarkeekTaranaki1999 XantiaXantia
Peter CooperAuckland1979 MehariA series 2CVA series
Michael WilliamsCanterbury
Steve HartCanterbury1986 2CV 6 CharlestonA series
Jenny HartCanterbury
Peter DuckettTaranaki1983 2CV6 SpecialA series
April MaindonaldTaranaki2008 C6C6
Ian BoagWellington1951 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Alicia BoagWellington
Peter ReedAuckland1951 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Marilyn ChiaAuckland
David GerrieWellington2018 C3 AircrossC3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Pam GerrieWellington
Grant MorrisWellington1954 Light 15Post War Traction Large Boot
Dianne TrewavasWellington
Neil DykesAuckland2006 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross) ZXZX/Xsara
Brenda DykesAuckland
Tony ForsterAuckland1951 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Angela ForsterAuckland
Brian ForsterAuckland
Graeme WasherTaranaki1939 Light 15Pre War Traction C4 CactusC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Ruth WasherTaranaki
Bob GreenburyTaranaki1985 2CV 6 CharlestonA series
Dale GreenburyTaranaki
Moira LindsayHawkes Bay1973 2CV6 SpecialA series
Valerie ScherpHawkes Bay
Peter RobinsonTaranaki1950 Light15Post War Traction Small Boot
Raewyn RobinsonTaranaki
Peter AkeroydAuckland2013 C5 Exclusive TourerC5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Marie MakgillAuckland
Wayne JulianTaranaki1982 GSA PALLASGS/GSA
Judy JulianTaranaki
Gary WearneWellington1987 CX 2.2 TRS PallasCX
Jill WearneWellington
Neville SavageWellington
Hazel SavageWellington
Ross MalcolmWaikato2010 C5C5 (C5, C5 Aircross)
Barb WallWaikato
Tony CarlyleWaikato1997 XantiaXantia
Anthony JordanWaikato
David JonesAuckland1966 ID19 SafariD Series single Headlight
Lynda JonesAuckland
Michael BrenstrumAuckland1998 XM BreakXM
Janice BrenstrumAuckland
Ralph MooreAuckland2007 C6C6
Janice WoolseyAuckland
Paul AbsolumAuckland1994 XMXM
Melean AbsolumAuckland
Stuart CraigTaranaki1974 DS21 UteBest Modified
Caroline BrooksTaranaki
Sandor SchubertWaikato1982 2CV6 CharlestonA series
Ray SavageTaranaki1953 Big 15/6 HPost War Traction Large Boot
Christine SavageTaranaki1989 2CV6 DollyA series
Christof ColpiAuckland1954 Big 15Post War Traction Large Boot
Phil CotterAuckland1988 CXCX
Kevin BeebyAuckland1980 GSAGS/GSA
Cameron TobeckAuckland
David TaylorTaranaki1954 B15 CoupeBest Modified ID19D Series single Headlight
Bronnie TaylorTaranaki
Ian MooreCanterbury1937 Light 12Pre War Traction
Graeme HillTaranaki2018 C4 AicrossC4 (C4, Picasso, Cactus, Aircross)
Elspeth HillTaranaki
Sharron CaseleyTaranaki1989 2CVA series
Colin CaseleyTaranaki
Peter GolderAuckland
Carole WebbTaranaki
Henry NgapoTaranaki2005 C3C3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Bruce HookhamTaranaki1950 Light 15Post War Traction Small Boot
Patti HookhamTaranaki
Alma ClagueTaranaki2020 C3C3 (C3 Pluriel, Picasso, Aircross)
Stella Scott-HansenAuckland1971 DS cop topD Series Twin Headlights
Rufus ScottAuckland
No of RegistrantsNo of AttendeesTotal No Cars