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Traction Avant Publication List

The following list contains only items that can be accessed via links. These links were correct at time of publication but as they are not controlled by the CCCNZ the linked sites may change or disappear without notice.

An un-numbered volume from 1935 many Traction Avant documents including coachwork repair manual for TA 7, 11 62pp in FrenchPDFdropbox
? Traction manual, English, 1956 printing, part of above linkPDFdropbox
? TA Six Manual, English, 1956 printing, Gerry Propsting Part of top linkPDFdropbox
431-6 Traction 15-six parts list supplement for 6-H (per Karel Beukema toe Part of top linkPDFdropbox
420 Traction 7, 11 parts list 1944-1949 1950 edition – scanned by Shane Leviston.PDFdropbox
431 Traction 15-six parts Sept 1951 edition, French Water)Websitewebsite
420 Traction Avant Parts Catalogue 1934-55, edition 1955 FrenchWebsitewebsite
459 Traction 15-Six Repair manual supplement for 6-H (per Karel Beukema toe Water)PDFdropbox
441 Parts list for ‘camionettes TA’ (H van) 1939-65′ P. Larson, Poul ChristensenPDFdropbox
444 H, HY, HZ Repair manual (Poul Christensen has this scanned in French)
A list of the serial numbers for Slough built cars from 1935 – 1955PDFdropbox

Traction Avant All Models Resources

Some useful information and links to help you keep your traction on the road, safe and comfortable.

Upgraded trafficators – Flashing LED festoon bulbs

From Graham Tulett  – A friend of mine bought a set for his Citroen and I have ordered a pair for myself. (my other car isn’t modern enough for trafficators). These turn your dull trafficator into a bright blinker, much easier to see and therefore much safer, and take 5 minutes to fit. Follow the link below to the sellers website inn the UK.
I think they’re an excellent idea. not cheap at nearly $50nz a pair including postage but they seem to last very well.

Silent Blocs for Traction Avant

Brian Read purchased and installed silent blocs from Roger earlier this year.

The testing stations are aware they are rubber bushes and part of the suspension and can perish over time.

If you are interested in purchasing replacement Silent  Blocs for your traction please either contact Brian Read  at
or Roger Willaims at


From Roger Williams

Subject: Citroen Traction: Silentblocs for the Legere/Normale/Commerciale/Familiale cars

My grandson will be making a batch of silent blocs for the above cars, if there is enough interest, using the tooling that I made the last batch with.

His firm, is called ‘Yellow Box Engineering Ltd.’ and he will write to you shortly to see if you or anyone you know might be interested.

Best wishes

Roger Williams,
Steam Car Developments,
35 Wood Lane,
Tel: 44 (0) 1482 863344

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