Technical Support - 2CV, Derivatives and HY

2CV, Derivatives and HY Publication List

The following list contains only items that can be accessed via links. These links were correct at time of publication but as they are not controlled by the CCCNZ the linked sites may change or disappear without notice.

854-1 Caracteristicas, Reglajes, Controles (Spanish)PDFdropbox
854-2 Desmontajes, montajes (Spanish)PDFdropbox
854-3 Reparaciones (Spanish)PDFdropbox
854-4 Electricidad, Calefacción, Climatización (Spanish)PDFdropbox
854-5 Carroceria (Spanish)PDFdropbox
446 Parts list for 2CV 1949 – 1952 (Poul Christensen, Vic Moran has 1968 version)PDFdropbox
816/1 2CV manual 1981 scanned by Vic MoranPDFdropbox
816/2 2CV manual 1983 engine, gearbox, suspension sections scanned as abovePDFdropbox
01117 2CV parts ’91 for cars from July ’79 (Microfiche)PDFdropbox
001115 2CV6 parts Nov ’84, for cars from July ’79PDFdropbox
576 Parts for 2CV4 and 2CV6 updated to 5/’72, from Javier Rodriguez atPDFdropbox
446 Parts list for 2CV 1949 – 1952 (Poul Christensen, Vic Moran has 1968 version)PDFdropbox
446 Parts list for 2CV 1949 – 1959 (Gaëtan Guillon)Websitewebswite
447 2CV Manual Slough version, probably 1957 (From Roger Wilkinson/Ray Potts)PDFdropbox
447 2CV Manual French version, 1963/4Websitewebsite
596 AZU-AKS 2CV Van Parts 1971 (Mark Bardenwerper, Poul Christensen)PDFdropbox
586/3 Ami 8 Technical data.PDFdropbox
597 Ami 8 Parts ’69 – ’71, dated ’71 (Vic Moran)PDFdropbox
580/3 Ami 6 Tech data 1969 scanned by Poul Christensen. Available, but large – 35 MB 1969PDFdropbox
559-1 Ami 8 Characteristics (part available)PDFdropbox
632 Méhari parts 9/74PDFdropbox
601 Parts List H van HY, HZ petrolPDFdropbox
535 HY van repair Carrosserie only available.PDFdropbox
615 HY Diesel Parts listPDFdropbox
585 Dyane parts ’68 – ’70PDFdropbox

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