Offers required for

1978 Citroen 1220 GS Club   (Twin Headlight Model)

Car Complete. Bottom of doors need work.

Spare parts include:
Engine and gearbox (on wheels)

  • Engine on engine stand (included)
  • Convertisseur Gearbox (partially disassembled)
  • Bonnets (2)
  • Doors
    (Right Front 1 black trim, 1 chrome trim)
    (Right Rear 1 black trim, 1 chrome trim)
    (Left Rear black trim)
  • Headlights (ordinary GS, 4 Right, 5 Left)
  • Tail lights and front side and indicator lights
  • Guards
    (Right Front 2, Left Front 2, Left Front inner 1)
  • Fan surrounds, grills, Dashboards, Interior trim.
  • Heater boxes
  • Manifolds
  • Wire reinforced  air ducting
  • Bumper ends
  • Plus other bits and bobs

Contact         David Kontze
Member Waikato CCC
075441415 or

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