The time has come to clear my shed of Citroen parts, cars and projects.

Cars include: 1974 DS23 Pallas bvh; 1984 2CV Charleston; and possibly 1964 & 1970 ID safaris. Parts are almost entirely ID/DS, all used and range from DS21 rolling body shell; front guards (all years); sedan rear guards; bonnets; roofs; suspension components; lights and switchgear; stainless trim; safari trim; dashboards (all years); interior trim pieces; wheels; bumpers; brake components; rubber items; wiring looms; plus many small parts.

Also a new radiator that I have been told is early CX.

I will sell individual items, box lots, trailer loads or will negotiate all parts as one lot. If you have any queries or requests, or if you (or a group) want to come and have a look at what’s here,

CONTACT: please click the following link to email me: EMAIL Glen

or Call Glenn on 0274829997

This collection is in Otaki, Kapiti Coast.

2 thoughts on “FOR SALE: Citroen cars and parts garage sale

  1. Hello Glen,

    I received the CCCNZ web site survey request this morning and as consequence went on to the web site for the first time in ages and saw your ad. What a shed! I aspire to having a shed like that but if I did, I would probably have a similarly enormous volume of unused stuff. I imagine you have sold the bvh and, putting 2 and 2 together, I wonder if it is the car that is going to end up here in Dunedin. I had an email a month or so ago from a chap who lives locally and had bought a bvh out of “Wellington;’ and there cannot be too many of them.

    Anyway, I am on the hunt for various bits and pieces. Do you have any of the following:
    1. undamaged D Super front bumper?
    2. ’67 ID front and rear panels without rust. I am exploring the cost/benefit equation of rust repair vs replacement.
    3. a the stainless surround for a RH D Super front indicator unit (or the whole unit). I have stainless on the left and a broken RH unit and the only spare I have is an earlier sort of silvered plastic surround piece. No-one else notices of course but I do.
    4. any dashboard fittings for a’67 ID. Mine has a motley collection of switches and screws, with various blanks, and I am not sure which are original and which were “will do well enough” replacements at some stage
    5. an ID/DS alternator
    Fraser Goldsmith

  2. Hi Glen

    Was wondering if you could put me onto someone selling parts for a 1952 Citroen Light 15?

    I’m after both bumpers, gear box and rear window.

    Regards Walter

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