I’d like to list the following leftover bits from my C6 days:

  • Qty x 1 Citroen C6 front suspension, lower ball joint (FRIP) P/N 3640 72


  1. This FRIP is modified and fitted with a grease nipple to allow greasing of the bearings, as water ingress and subsequent corrosion is common cause of the premature failure.
  2. Comes with attaching bolts (Qty x 1 P/N 3648 12 & Qty x 2 P/N 3648 13)
  • Qty x 2 Citroen C6 windscreen wiper blades (P/N 6423 K3)
  • 2-Piece suspension height check/adjustment tool for Citroen C6 (3D printed, home-made)

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Tel: 021 918 249

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