FOR SALE 1986 CX 2500 Turbo petrol

Registration: MQ5622. On hold.  Odo reading 74,000km but this is not correct as there is an old Wof which shows over 200,000km.   No rust in the usual places.   Engine is good but needs two things.  Rocker cover gasket needs replacing(supplied) and the temp switch for the cold start injector circuit replacing. I can obtain this for the new owner. This is an NZ new car, first  owned by a Wellington architect. I am the third owner.   Has a number of spares with it including a very good photocopy of an original workshop manual.

Asking $5000 for the CX. Contact David Carruthers on 021905409 or

Also available are a number of microfiche for the earlier cars: GS, CX, BX, AX etc with a microfiche reader.  Citroen Service, the factory website for ‘independent operators’ does not carry details of these earlier vehicles.

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