1969 Citroën AMI 6 Estate [Break]   602cc right hand drive.

Recent restoration many NOS replacement panels fitted including floors, rear guards. ‘A’ panel new sills new window channelling fitted to all doors.

Repainted in original colour rust treated and under sealed.
New floor carpet and sound proofing fitted fully lined boot area and reupholstered

This vehicle is in excellent condition it is the only Citroën AMI 6 in the NZTA
system in NZ and is one of only 4 known right hand drive AMI 6 Estates world

If you are interested in this unique vehicle and would like more information,
pictures etc. And would like to discuss pricing please contact;

Basil at   bevbas@xtra.co.nz    or Phone 0273 448 428.


2 thoughts on “FOR SALE 1969 Citroën AMI 6 Estate [Break] 

  1. Nice looking car, any chance of a few more photos please?
    What sort of price range are you asking for it?


    1. Hi Dick Sorry about the delay send me an email saying what sort of pictures you would like only to happy to oblige.
      You could also call me if you require further information.

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