14/10 WK: Bishop’s Challenge Shield


10:00 - 19:00


Fraser Cars
299 Beach Haven Rd, Birldale, Auckland

Event Type

10 am

Visit to Fraser Cars Birkdale

299 Beach Haven Rd, Birkdate Auckland

Originally created as a simple, no frills, two seater sports car, the Lotus Seven was designed by Lotus founder Colin Chapman to be used for racing but still street legal.
When Lotus stopped producing the cars, other companies were free to produce their own replica versions. Fraser Cars owes its existence to Neil Fraser’s desire to replicate a Lotus 7 back in 1988.

Now owned by Ida and Scott Tristram, Fraser’s is in its 30th year of production.
We are privileged to be able to tour the factory and see how these charismatic little cars are put together. Check out the website 
Afterwards, we’ll meet at Bernies Bar and Eatery 8 Birkdale Rd Verrans Corner where we can compare answers to the quiz I plan to prepare to keep you on your mettle and socialise with our friends from the Waikato Club

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