Saturday Fun Run From Rolleston


11:00 - 14:30

Event Type

Meet at The Rolleston Community Centre 94 Rolleston Drive Rolleston at 11am. (Next to the New World Supermarket).
From there we’ll travel a short distance to view John Winchester’s Ford car collection,
If its cold or damp we’ll also have our lunch there undercover, (B.Y.O. lunch, seat etc) before travelling to Leeston to visit John McLaughlin’s Cadillac’s and things and then on to Paul French’s amazing collection of memorabilia,, before stopping at the Crate and Barrell for a coffee and chat.
I’m guessing we’ll be at each venue around 30 to 45 minutes ish. All the Leeston venue’s are in close proximity to each other and each venue is indoors so rain shouldn’t be n issue.


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